Widely accepted quality concept in the corporate world. Six Sigma can be applied in any industry and any project. Six Sigma helps companies to reduce cost and improve productivity. Six Sigma improves quality of projects output by reduction of inefficiencies and defects. Six Sigma increases customer satisfaction, and Loyalty. Certified Six Sigma Professionals can help increasing ROI significantly.

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a blended certification of Lean and Six Sigma offered to professionals who successfully qualify the LSSBB exam. Lean is a technique or a collection of techniques that helps in the reduction of time while delivering products. Six Sigma, on the other hand, is a disciplined approach to improve the quality and maintain consistency in delivery of products and services. Thus, Lean Six Sigma is an approach that is used to improve services on time while eliminating defects and leading the project towards perfection.

    Lean Six Sigma has emerged as a popular business management strategy applied to projects globally. It helps a company in achieving their process excellence initiatives and delivering increased profits to an organization. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification demonstrates one’s ability to deploy skills in enterprise-wide projects and approach, for full time process excellence roles.

    Course Objectives

    At the end of Skill Powers’s training in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you will gain knowledge of the following:

    • Apply Lean concepts such as 5S, waste reduction, process mapping, value stream mapping and mistake proofing.
    • Apply basic and more advanced statistical analyses to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs.
    • Effectively manage team dynamics and understand how to work with multiple levels of leadership to remove barriers and achieve project success.
    • Close projects and hand over control to process owners.
    • Present projects to instructors, peers and managers.
    AUD 2,999.00

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    The course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, trains students on the tools and techniques of DMAIC Cycle (Define, Analyze, Improve, Measure, and Control) for the Process Improvement. This course would let you use the MINITAB 16, which helps in analyzing your data with any statistical software. A complete compilation of graphs and statistics give students all the required insight to improve the processes using this Six Sigma Certification.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand the basics of Lean thinking and Six Sigma.
    • Learn how Six Sigma can benefit your organization.
    • Identify the ideologies of Lean and different types of waste.
    • Participate as an active member in Lean events.
    • Understand all about Six Sigma
    • Comprehend steps of DMAIC process and learn to use tools for each phase.
    • Apply proficiency to analyze and gather data.
    • Understand problem solving, continuous improvement of processes, and change management to guarantee smooth operations.
    AUD 2,799.00